Babes , Im sorry

And this was what happened on the last day right after I've told them that I will leave them :|

 done packing 

 I left all the chips and fruits for my babes :)

 Guess I will be missing this place :\

 That's fatin . She's the first one I've told

 She waited for eya for telling her that Im leaving

Im sorry babe :(


last shot in plkn

 I will miss them so much -____-

And I've started missing them now


Ardini Izzati said...

Nanti boleh jumpa lagi :)

Dianaa said...

rasa susah bila nak tinggalkan kawan kat kem, kan? :')

Roxy's said...

@dini : hehehe yeahhh dah plan dah pon , ciss :p

@diana : serious sedih kan , walaupun i baru 6 hari kenal dyrg tp susah same2 rasa mcm dh bertahun kenal dyrg T.T

Black Jeepsu said...

geng plkn :D saya datang sini unutk follow :D hehehe

Black Jeepsu said...

tapi tak jumpa pon buton follow :D kekeke