Ya so as we know I got selected for PLKN Camp nyenyenye . xnak cakap lah pasal plkn tu . And here I have something to settle first before I left for plkn -.- 

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Ya I've done before but it was a years ago . But now I wanna bake these cupcakes more on the top decoration . Cause I lovveeee decoratingggg *.* Awww can't wait to bake it and can't wait to see how it will looks like :p plkn sucks tuiii


Anonymous said...

wahh..mesti sedap mai buat.. ^__^
go plkn go~ hehe

Eiqa Almond said...

buat sendiri ke..??

Roxy's said...

nadz : yeahhh aku buat sangat sedap . nanti nak bawak pg plkn skali -,-

eiqa : hahaha no lah , i boleh buat lagi :p