So yeah this is what I do recenty  for helping my sister in-law in decorating her spa :p Sister in-law gitueewww :3 She's apex's sis , so yeah heheh . She asked me to help her cause she said I was so creative . Gituewww ? xde ler biase2 jewww . Low profile je saya ni ^,^

Take a look ;)

Err camne ? Cumey cumey ? Hahah . Sorry for the bad quality . Im not using dslr anymore cause it's damn complicated to bring along to everywhere -.- As I used SII now heheh , tu pun dah cukup kay . And sorry for the cropped pictures , Instag was so cool though . Cool for someone that too lazy for editing , just like me :p

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❤MuRni DahLiA❤ said...

gr8 nyer spa nih.... owsem!