Roxy Girl

Hi people . Yah no wonder I havent blogging these days . Im truly out of ideas -.-' Wait , have you heard about this contest ? Ahhh I really wanna join it buttttt yeahhh Im still 17th on this month :( And I was still trying to ask them whether I can join or not and here they respond 

" The contest submission ends on 26th April 2012 . We're sorry but you are still not eligible for the competion by then "

Funneh funneh . Im quite disappointed with their rules :( Cehceh but I think it would be okay with me . Even thought I can't join the contest it wouldn't stop me to shop more and more on Roxy, nyahahaha :p I mean I wouldnt stop asking my father to go inside Roxy Boutique , geeeezzzz :p Eh cool cool Mai . Jangan suka sangat , esok lusa kena duduk hutan =.="

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