Love you dad !

Yohhh ssup people ? So today I went to Puteri Specialist Hospital with my dad cause my lawyer asked me to check my brain and all of stuffs zzzzzz . Yeahhh due to an accident that I got involved 2 years ago , I probably look fine from the outside but inside ? Who the hells know duhhh ? Zzzzz

 Went to lawyer's office in the morning to take the letter

 And this is it 

 Here I am zzzzz

5 hours sitting here and waiting for the doctor damn i love my bonia , motif ? Lol

And everything went well . I met Dr Norhashim and yeah everything's fine . Im not gonna tell what's happening to me now but yeah I look awesomeee , heheh . And after that , I accompanied my dad to usya a Kawasaki zzzzzz

 Actually I love it tooo but yeahhhhhhhhh I know kindaa shorty haha ;p


 My dad wanted to buy this and I was like hehhh yeahhhh belikan aku kereta dah molek zzzzz

 Haihhh kenape lah xde color pink , nenenenene:p

So I saw a pink full face helmet and I was like shiitttt I should ask my dad to buy it nanti duduk kl boleh ikut pakcik kitew turun karak naik r6 , hahahaha :p dreamingggggggg -..-


Dianaa said...

Fuyoo! Syok ah kalau dapat motor :D

Roxy's said...

lagi syioookkkk bila kena hujan . hahaha:D

kocix! said...

ur dad is cool

Liza Razak said...

suka handbag bonia awak :)

Roxy's said...

@kocix :hehe thanks dear , kembang kuncup bapak i kalau baca. lol

@liza : hehe kite pon lagi suka awak ckp mcm tu . heheh :3

Ardini Izzati said...

Orang suka handbag, motor. Saya suka Mai. Hahahaha :D

Roxy's said...

Saya pulak suka sisters last name izzati niee , hehe :3