Honestly , Im still counting . Haih aku sendiri macam x percaya yang aku akan pergi plkn next week . Macam uhhh seriously ? Biar betik ? Lol . Well uhhh I know Im gonna be fine there . So ummm well actually I dont know whether I should share it or not about my recently project that I've created it . Cause it suppose to be surprise for him . But Im afraid that it isnt going as perfect I expected to . Because he was actually one of my loyal followers -.-

I know it kinda surpising me when he truly reads my blog . Later he's gonna ask me ' eh sape yang dalam blog kau tu xtau pon aku , eh kau tulis pasal sape tu ? aku ehhh sayang awak ' lolololol :p And I was like ahhh you read mine ? meltingggggggggg :p I never expected that he's gonna read what I wrote cause he's not like me you know he's a guy who's playing a football training every single day , dont have any second to waste his time to sit in front of pc tweeting updating about something Zzzzzzzzz . And he was like how can i describe him like ummmm idk he's like uhhhhh too difficult for me to read him . Hehe . Senang citer dia tu ummm xnak ah ckp jap lg dia baca mati aku , lol :p

So yeahhhh Im still thinking whether uploading the pictures before joining plkn or after that . Ahhh I dont believe that Im in dilemma right now . Lolololol :p But anyway , I really can take a deep breath cause everything I planned was definitely completely done before this 3rd of May . Alhamdulillah :) PLKN  prepare yourself Im ready to break all the rulesss , nenenenenenee :p


Liyana Izzati said...

Hahaha. So sweet korang berdua. Serius. By the way, best of luck Mai for that plkn. Hahha. Cekalkan hati k.

Roxy's said...

yeahhhhhh thankyou dear :) fighting ! haha