Digital Perm ^,^

Tell me who's dislike korean drama movie etc . Guess everyone likes them right ? So what makes you liked them ? Because their hairstyles ? Their cute baby face *.* I like them because of their hairstyles ;) Damn their permed hair was so ahhhh melting already :3

Sorry lain tajuk . Eh xde lah lari sangat . Okay this supposed to be so yesterday for me but I dont care =..= So a weeks ago I was at kl and I did my hair . A digital perming hair . Kalau dulu buat perm xpenah jadi jadi macam yang looseeeeeee gituew . Haih but now hey come on lah , teknologi canggih kot =..= So so so I went to ts kl and nahhh my digital permed hair

So how is it ? First time I saw my hair was so shainiiiiii :p I really in love with my hair now . And now i've started to be more caring on my hair cause i dont really care about my hair after I get involved in accident a years ago and the doctor cuts off my hair from my buntut to men hairstyle . I mean it's really short . Bodoe bodoe tauu doktor tueewww.

Nahhhhh ignore muka macam bola tueww . Haih nyampah tgok muka sendiri >.< But i love the waving waving hairrr hehehehehe . Haih dont know why my hair looks so blackkkk . Cissss perasan mat salleh blonde pulak XD


Dianaa said...

Buat kat KL? Bila datang KL?! Tak inform pungg, :( hahaa

Anonymous said...

comel la kau ^__^

Roxy's said...

@Diana : heheh last weeks . 2 minggu dekat cyber . you ah sunyi semacam:p

@nadz : comel xkemana lah duduk dalam hutan jugak nanti :DD

Dianaa said...

ehh, I pulak yg kena. haha, takpe2. you habis kem nnt kita jumpa :p

Roxy's said...

@Diana : alright you dtg cyberjaya lakeview taw . lepak dpn rumah lim kok wing 0.o nanti i dtg naik beskal . haha:p

Dianaa said...

walaweh, jauh betul. haha xD