Dad youre the best :|

Just you know , ummmm I dont have any interested stories today so i just uploaded some photos on yesterday . I accompanied my dad to yeah about his bike zzzzzz . And seriously menyesal ikut . Cause I was just sitting in the car all the time watching him until the sun goes down -..-'

See how bored i am and ended up taking self landscapes on my own freaking messy self . Ohh come on =..="

p/s : i know its weird with the plastic still covering the seats  . bau kedai . trololololol


Ardini Izzati said...

Ahhaa. Seems like your father memang minat sangat ngn bike tu kan?
Mai, you're already pretty in your own way, dear. I like all your picturess. OMG! Bukan lesbo okay. You're too pretty that I envy. GRR!

Roxy's said...

hahaha , bapak i mmg gitu . eee bocannn , lol . haha dont say that much lah , haih malu lah i ngehngeh . thanks dear , you're pretty too . your baby facee .grrrr . nak susu ? haha