If I know he will leave me forever I wouldnt leave him alone I wouldnt treat him like a shit I wouldnt slap him when he tried to bite my feet I wouldnt grab him to out off my room once he entered into my bedroom I wouldnt kick him when he enjoys playing something 

I remembered when I washed him all the time . And he was like dumb and his face was so ugly and I laughed so hard watching him with his fugly face . Shittt I cant type all of this it makes me sucks -___- I dont know he would leave me until forever . It was just 2 days ago I left him . Fuxx

These 3 photos was taken by me before I left him and went to kl

I miss him I love him I love him so much It just 2 days ago I took these pictures with him cause I thought I probably will miss him so bad and just watching him in my phone . Guess now everything was changed . I never though that he will leave me siaaal -____________-

And now , he was just a memory T_____T



Fathnakty said...

mcm xsangka kuyem da mati kn.. baru aku terniat na jaga dia... =( nk mnja dgn dia.. xpe la..dia sentiasa doakan rezeki untuk fmly korang yg dh jga dia..

Roxy's said...

haaah . xtau nk ckp ape fath . aku kat sini pon ngs2 . tp syukur dy tak mati dpn mata aku mcm kucing dulu

Fathnakty said...

taw xpe.. klau x lg terasa sngt..imat ckp abah nagis2.. yela msti la terasa kn..imat pon nagis masa imat pegang dia nazak tu..xpe la..biar mti terus dripda hidup cacat kn..