Pelangi Balau Resort

Sooo yeahhhh , Im here ^.^ Nothing much I can write today cause all the picture down here will explain everything about :') So yeah lets begin . 

So my mom asked me to come with her to Tg Balau . xtau lah buat apa , and Im okay with it . So I followed  them . I mean with her gossip girls , lololol .

So this is the entrance of Pelangi Balau Resort

So this is where I seat while waiting for my mom

The reason why -.-'

An hour waiting here , then I decided to catch some fresh air down there . Cewahh
Enjoy these . p/s i love beach so much *.*


 i love taking my ciput cause i can't see it at the top of my head , harhar :D

I love my ciputtttttt . lololololol :p

So after catching some fresh air , I came back to the place where I waited for my mom . Then while seating there , I heard people was singing a birthday song . And I was like , pehhh xjemput aku masuk terusss . haha. And after that my mom shows up ! 

 And umi cakap mcm ni " paten , diaorang sambut birthday umi tadi , paten dgr tak ?" hahahaha 

 Makan x jemput aku kot time ni , puihhhh . saje duduk depan buat muka kesian , lol :p

 At last , I dijemput masuk , weeee *.*

 And this is the cake *.*

 And we're going back after eatiinggggggg, heheh :p

So this is how my mom making my day . Thanks mommy muahhhh ^.^


nur nadzirah said...

wahhh! baru perasan blog nie jadi pilihan blogger femess :D congrate dear.. =)

Roxy's said...

hahah , welcome dear :) btw , td kau comment kau xperasan eh blog aku kena hack ? tp skrg alhamdulillah dah okay :)