KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital

First Day

And today is the second day my dad has been spended his whole time in ward :p And as always I went to Jb with my mom my brother to visit my Abah , and surprisingly not just us . My bf toooooooo and his buddies *.* Here it was .

Aouchhhh , damn I miss him so much . We haven't met like a couple of weeks . And he also dont have any cell phone after his coach took it from him and the others . So we kinda rarely contacted each other . But today I met him . He came to visit my dad and we get chance to meet even though just for awhile :| And I gave my phone to him ,  for calling him easily with my home number :)

p/s : pray for my dad to get better as soon as possible :') pek , miss you . nanti kalau jumpa lagi , i belikan sunblock okay ? nyenyenyenye :p

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