I can't sleep I feel like nothing to do tonight Apex here's for you to watch I miss you :|

Peee kaaa boooo :p
Awaaaak !
If you know that's your fault , talk to me like this *.*
When you asked me to have a date on that day And I was like
And after sending you back I was like
And once I was at home
Baby say to me like this ^.^
Everytime you tell me that you love me and you've missed me so much And I was like
When I hurt you , look into my eyes baby and feel it
And I want you to know that
While I was waiting for you taking a shower 
and every time you stepped into my car 
and I was like
I love you my dear Apex 
p/s : Ohh btw , xbalik pon takpe . *ungkit* hahaha kidding :')
Hugs and Kisses

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