Here it is . This is what I created on yesterday . I've told ya , I'm such a lifeless now . Just grab my dslr and on and on . But I'm not a movie maker Im just having fun with it . Im not showing off about anything by making this video , I've told ya Im just having fun and wanna share it to everyone . And of course to my beloved friends.

I dont ask any comments or thumbs up and thumbs down . Im not really friendly with Mark Zuckerberg though ;)
I dedicated this video to him . My beloved friend , sweet stalker , fighting partner And definitely my dearest amazing boyfriend I'd ever have . xoxo 

p/s : Happy watching pek ^.^



untungnya apek.

RoxieBaby said...

hahahaha , nak ckp ape ek . emmm thanksss , hahahaha :DD