Guess you know now I'm rarely post any entries here Because Im am too busy with my art work , lol :p I get bored easily with my activities . Such a loser though . Till I have nothing to post here and I was like ' ohh shit I hate my life now ! ' But then I've got some brilliant ideas to do .  So bout 4 days ago till just now , Im actually painting my bedroom wall . First I just wanna create a zebra frame for my random posters . But suddenly my awesome ideas come up in my mind till drop drop drop to the ground :D
And this is the result ! Yes I created it with my right hand . No help from computer blablabla . Yey Im actually done it :p Look ! Zebra frame which is I painted it with my own . I just created it just like that then I realized it looks like zebra printed muahhh *.* Second I created some lines in salmon . Then I created a frame of my bed . Idk why that stupid idea come up but I really love it , seriously :) See the purple colour ? You could see it's frame of my bed if I zoom out . But later I'll show it , my completed wall once I finished my art , haha.

And the last part which is I effing love it *.* It's ApexMye and the love shape . I created it by myself for sure , tak main lah print2 . hikhok . It's Roxy's logo actually then if we break it will become a Quiksilver's logo :') So I think it kinda interesting though . Which is ApexMye is actually me and my bf and that roxy's logo is really showed our love . And also Roxy is a brand of a girl's stuffs and from that logo if we break it , it will become a Quiksilver's logo , a brand of boy's stuffs . So , Roxy and Quiksilver cannot be separated . Just like ApexMye . Cannot be seperated too :')
Lots of love .xx

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