The beginning of mine . People adore my hair . All my friends called me 'Pontianak' And day by day They effing annoy me Sometimes I hate my hair I mean my shiny long hair :p And day by day I told my mom that I wanna cut my hair cause some of my friends called me 'Pontianak ' And of course my mother wouldn't allowed me to cut it Ever and never And this is how I look And this is a 'Pontianak' that my friends have been called me like a years ago

At the beginning year of 2010 , I had an accident with my brother . We went to some place with his bike and on  our way to return home , a car suddenly turned to us and it's over I mean I fainted on that time and I was brought in to hospital in Kota Tinggi And after that brought in to HSA Jb I was sent to ICU Ward for a couple of days . And this is what's happening to my hair in ICU . A doctor did it >.<
People told me that I had lost my mind on that time for a couple of weeks I dont recognize my brothers , I called everyone Ismat cause I had an accident with him , which is actually my brother , haha :D And my bf Apex told me that I dont really recognize him on that time :p And after a months , I had my hair cut at saloon and all and this is how my hair looks like
My brothers called me 'tomboy' My bf called me 'tomboy' Fuxxkkk youuu , nyahahaha And after a couple of months , couple of years . And today this is my hair looks like . From 2010 till 2012 . 
My hair isn't growing longer at the same rate everyone else's is Cause my hair is too thick And that's why the reason why my mom did not allow me to cut it I guess I know now :) xoxo

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