I dont really hangout with my friends either going somewhere to have some drinks by myself Going out to take some pictures of nature I really love doing that I mean before this Before he got the oppurtunity I was always go to Pengerang which is 20+ km from my house to take my girls and have some drinks , gossiping each other But not for now Im sorry But it didn't mean that I'd forgotten all my friends right ? Guess now Im holding my father's car key I can go anywhere everywhere at anytime :D

Actually Im so lifeless now Doing nothing Woke up at 1200 Bullying my kitten Though I am the only child in this house Yeah my brothers moved out So now I live with my parent which is my father is friggin' busy with his works and my mom too So when I woke up , no one said morning blablabla I just woke up doing little things (basic once you woke up) then went to my bedroom back and curling up while surfing on the internet Such a lifelesss I told yaa =.=" Imma super loner :)

So back to the main of this entry nwy The reason why Im not going out , visit my friends , have some drinks at warung or anywhere with my friends cause I respect one of his requests or rules I guess ? Haha Cause he's not here He didnt want me to like hang out everyday , go out going there and there till his friends told him like this " Eh pek , wa nampak awek lu huhahuha je skrang , liar die takde kau kat cini " :p But so far , no one said to him like that But I do go out sometimes either with my brothers or my cousins I mean everyone who's only related to me :')

I respect all what he asked either to do or not blablabla Cause he also respects me what he shouldn't do and should Guess we had a good conversation in this case :') Maybe because we're not like before , meet everyday , arguing fighting everyday And we have never had a situation like this , live in different place like a miles away But no so miles away but yeah at least we met once for week But now , not once for a week . And I guess when he's here and get to see each other I called it a date Yeahhhh Im gonna tell my girls I have a date Of course they might shocked and excited Hahahaha that's my hilarious girls :p

Might be someone , no matter who is she/he going to say like Hey come on , dont trust too much to your partner Whattheshit you have to respect all the rules he asked to follow You dont know he's your truly partner in yourlife You have no idea is he your Mr Right that you have been searching for your whole life You just dont know cause only Allah can tell your future You can't tell your future right ? Yes I know that It's not impossible to make it last I believe he's the one for me I wanna make it last and he want it too We're just trying to be serious in this relationship and not just for playing around So we're just trying our best :)

Btw Im not like the others Playing around Hang out Changing a partner like a changing our clothes Texting with lotsa person from everywhere Well that's not me My girls know who I am so ya that's not me Tell ya what I've been living in this world for 17 and a half years and he's the second guy that I love I mean that's my past love when I was young , stupid and immature I dont really care he's not my first guy that I've met But I think he's my first love and gonna be my last I hope :) Yeah I love him . So much since 2009 :')

p/s : I dont regret to listen to him Never ever I know that's the best for us I believe it

I love you my dear.x

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