This is it Yesterday I had a date with him hewhew He went to my house and met my mom and my aunt my nanny whatever lah tu That's not weird cause he so closed to my mom and some of my cousins Then we're cycling around the beach wehee :p with my kezen Anis :)

Seriously lain gile Cause today he wanna go to Jb for registering as a new junior player of Johor FC . Im glad he got selected Like I have to right ? Is there any option ? Sure not ! This is what he want so bad ! And maybe now I know he's really into it He got talent for this And he deserved it I'm happy for you Juddin I'll support you no matter what :)

But here the problem is Imma alone I mean every time I wanna go to Sg Rengit I will go to his house first Wakes him up Shouts his name Knocks his window Wth How's Im going to through after this .____. Im gonna miss you so much Just take a good care of you I love you Serious xde mood nk sambung sucks .x

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