Yess just added to my wishlist :D This is the most thing that I must have before joining PLKN blahblahblah Umi Abah Abang2 sedia I will collect some $$ to buy this hahaha Cute is it ? I swear every girl who has seen it want it so bad right ? Yeahh me too Well actually I had seen it before but I was like yeah cute tapi nak bwk pg mane pulak ,hikhok :p

Dont ask me about the price It's about idk lah in GBP British pound 200++ if we convert to MYR dalam ribuan gitulah *.* Amacam ? But I want it so bad I know I will get it from my dad , hihihi :3 Takde ni takde PLKN kay fullstopppp ! (alasan lebih)  :p

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