Photobucket Now I know what I'm supposed to post here I just remembered my last night's dream Guess what ? I dreamt of her Ohmaigod I dont know I miss her so much Well Im always thinking about her , how is she doing now where is she ? Is she even remember me anymore ? Is she miss me same goes to me ? Like seriously I miss her so much

I dreamt that I met her at somewhere I was about going to the shop and I saw one girl looks so familiar She just stared at me and I called her "Lysa ?" But she didn't give any responses Then I was about to cry because she's not Lysa But I never give up I called her Lysa again And that time she's looking at me and I said to her " Halysa ? " And I ran towards her and hugs her so tight and so long while I was crying that time We hug  and I said I miss her so much .____. Fullstop I just remembered till that part :(

Idk what is the meaning of that dream But Seriously I miss her Im always thinking about her but I just dont admit it After I had that dream , now I realize that I miss her so much I miss you so much Nurhalysa Yusaa I remembered last time we had a conversation , gossiping together on Myspace And then I didn't hear any news about her We lost contact Idk how to talk to her where's I should find her

Anyway Im gonna ask Mr Google about her Maybe he knows where is she Maybe he could tell me what is her website or whatever it is Im gonna write her name to Mr Goggle right now I wish he could help me find her because I miss her I wanna tell her that I miss her so much And I want her to know that I miss her.x

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