Imma lifeless and Im dead bored being here T.T Nothing much happened today As usual woke up at afternoon , blahblahblah Eh tapi tadi I went to Sg Rengit for some personal reasons and this is what I've got :p
All of those are about 40 :D So lepas ni takde menganggur sangat hehe :3 Lepas ni boleh decorate album tueww I mean me and my bf album even thought he's not here T.T Here some examples that I'll do after this :p
Fun isn't it ? Yeahh rock and roll babeyyhh I will start doing it on next week I think cause my brother my coolest uncles are coming this town I just can't wait to spend my whole day with them I miss them and I miss to waste their money :p Ohh btw Im going to help my cuzzie in decorating her nails hahaha:D She asked me to join her Dia cakap mcm ni ' Dekat plkn takde taw kaler2 kuku ni :3 ' And I was like pukitiao budak sekolah ni , japg aku nak solat tau -.-' Nwy I'll be leaving for about 4 days kay tatatititutu 

Muacchhh love ya Huge *.*

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