What's her name ?
Im Mai Nur Rasyidah bt Yazid and Im 18 y/o on June 29 2012

Where's she live ? 
Im pure Johorean Currently stay at Pengerang which is just a metres away from Desaru 

How many members of her family ?
5 . I have awesome parent and two brothers which is grown up together and luckily Im not kinda tomboy type For sure Im the youngest and the only daughter of Mr Yazid and Mrs Sh Raftah (god bless)

Did she pure malay ?
Kinda I guess But my grand-father is chinese which is my father sometimes got chinese look and me also . haha . Sometimes I went to the shop , chinese seller in there talked to me in mandarin which is I have no idea what they were talking about And my mom is like Arabian eh ? Not that Arab I mean my mom's side got Sharifah/Syed at their beginning of their name But many of my cousins from mom's side got Arabian look =.=" Whatever :3

What type of girl is she ?
Im a loner right now HAHA Im just normal I dont speak alot with people except with my girls family friends I dont make up I have no compact powder no eyeliner no blusher no fake eyelashes no no of those stuff weml , puihhh . 

Is she from a rich family?
Oh for sure not Not rich not poor Middle of that But many people said to me like this ' hekeleh minah ni bajet kaye sangat berlagak nak mmpos ' That's part of my life people easily get jealous with me *eyes rolling*

Whathehell why are people judged her like that ?
Like I said , people get jealous with me I dont care it's normal for me (peanut) But those who were saying are actually only my haters Because they can't have what I had And they can't see , can't admit what I've got before them Ouhhhh so pityyyyyyy And later they will try hard and harder to have something just the same thing as mine *eyes rolling*

How many of friend is she had ?
Many So many But I only have a bunch of truly friends The rest is my holy-shit friends Many of type jealousy copycats backstabbers bitches *.*

Is she social ? 
Of course yesssss *.* But only with my brothers uncles cousins I do go out till midnight and returns home at 3 am 5 at the morning It's normal for me But I go out at night only with my brothers cousin uncles No others

What kinda brothers uncles cousins she have ? 
I have the coolest brothers uncles cousins which is they are always telling me what's going on out there Bout club , matrempit bohsia itu ini They told me everything about And for sure they're not teaching me go inside or asks me to join them They're only told me gimme some advices Dont do this dont do this This is not good for you whatsoever la And of course I grown up as a normal teen  

Where are they go at midnight ? 
So far we went to Sg Rengit hang out had some drinks Batu Layar tengok mat rempit Tg balau pon tgk mat rempit Sometimes we go to Jb pegi pasar karat steamboat dekat dataran tu That's it in Johor , hm bowingnyewww ^.^ But when I was at KL , we went to many of places , different place on every night , haha :p Bukit bintang dah biasa , hmm mane ek==' Ohh last time aku nak masuk Zara dekat BB tu. sikit je lagi nak masuk ni dengan duit berkepuk neh , patu pintu besar tu tutup , kimak (show off) :p KL banyak kedai mkn yang pelik2 kot , selalu aku pg situ lah pakcik aku bawak , kuey tiao sedap lah , nasi goreng menangis lah , hoho sho weird :3 Tapi tak penah igt name kedai ape -.-' Ohh lagi satu , selalunye eh bukan selalu setiap kali aku keluar , mesti ada cousin tomey aku tu Anes . Mmg perempuan ada dua je dalam fmly besar aku . Eh maksudku ada 4 lagi . Tapi masih sekolah rendah so aku tak geng . So aku paling otai , anes bawah aku setahun je , tapi org sllu ckp aku adek sbb aku pendek Rasa comel pulak kekadang , hahaha

Eh is she full time free hair or part time ?
Hikhok I love this question Im a full time free hair Like I said dont judge people by their tudung, haha Im not ready for wearing a Hijjab I will be wearing it when I am super ready Nak pakai tudung ni kena semua betul , daripada orang ckp kite munafik . Aku pun panggil bdk tu munafik pakai tudung tp perangai teruk drpd aku , tuiihh .  And nak pakai tudung mesti dgn niat tu betul . And pakai tudung jugak mesti lah kekal . Ni tak , kejap pakai kejap tak pakai . Tuttut rambut blonde  tak pun mcm rambut Wendy kaler pink , alolololo tomeii kalah Wendy :p

Is she have a boyfriend ?
Ohhhh yeah lotsa :p I have many of boyfriends which is my ex classmates :p Yes I have a special boyfriend Nama manje Apex *.* Ohh tu bf kite semenjak Tingkatan 3 lagi :)

What model of cell phone she used now ?
Oh you mean now ? Yeah Im using a Nokia Idk what model Yang penting takde camera , tapi ada mp3 . haha yeahhh Aku dah tak main dah blackberry iphone sume tu Tu zaman muda2 dulu , hahah . My brother used my blackberry then he bought it I was like okay amek lah Then dy bagi aku Colby Then dy ade hp nokia tu dia buang2 aku amek so aku gune skrg , comel taw . Cousin2 aku semua dah beli blackberry baru Bold 4 lah sume tu patu aku je tak Cousin aku sorg tu mmperkecilkan aku sbb guna hp murah Then pakcik cool aku ckp mcm ni ' Paten dah otai , dah tak main blackberry ni , korang je ni bdk2 baru nak up baru nak main bbm ' hahaha yeahh correct . Sekarang semua berebut nak post status je pon nak guna bb , ohh aku tak . Tu zaman muda aku jeww , hahah. Yeah aku low profile jewww , hikhok

What model of camera she used to take a photos and record ?
I used Canon 550D . I used it for both , taking a pictures and recording

What is her first language ? Is she speaks in english fluently ?
My first language is Malay . Tapi aku tak penah maken belacan . hehe Ohh seriously I dont really speak in english sbb aku ckp kekadang bunyi jawe , haha . Tapi kekadang boleh lah kalau org tu ajak spekang pulak dgn aku . I love to write in english cause I love English so so much And from that I can improve my second language . Belajar dari kesilapan . Tapi aku tak guna Google translater kay , aku tak lah dungu ikut google tu ckp , guna google translater buat geli2 ketiak jek . haha

What type of food she eats ?
I eat seafood alot 1 meal for a day sometimes no meal I dont really likes to eat I eat fruits and vegetables alot 1 day 1 Apple *must*

What is your style ? Is she love to dress up ?
Im simple I wears tshirt and jeans everyday Even though out for shopping I wears jeans tshirt and flipflop I have no dress no skirts no blouse Not ready le Alah aku kluar pg mane jek Pegi jb mcm tu pegi pavi pon gitu jew , aku taktau pakai dress nak pg mane , hahah Jb je kottt Pavi je kottt Kl je kotttt Semua je kot je kot ha sbb tu aku pakai tshirt jeans slipper settle

What brands she wears ?
So far Roxy Zara Mango Subzero Dorothy  Levi's Volcom Hudson Flipflop Espirit . Simple of mineee ^.^

Is she wears a glasses permanently ?
Yeah yeah of course My eyes are damn worst I can't take off this glasses even though only for writing So blurry My glasses is like my everything Power rabun yang belah kanan ni lbh kurang 400 gitulah lah . Yang kiri 389 kot, ee tak igt la.  Ha amacam ? Memang teruk , ulat buku katenye, hewhew

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