weeeheeeeee:p Put your hands up in the air babehhh :3 Yey ! All the papers had done with a flying flags Weee I can ever fly over the moon and touch the sky , hihi And I'm glad to leave the school Leave all the bitches there :p So there's nothing left And I can move on as a teens, muehehehehe :p

So today I went to Tebrau City I texted my father if he can drive me to the Jusco after the last paper And my dad said okay Well actually I have something to ask from him but I said to him I wanna buy a secret recipe cake for class party tomorrow And after bought all the stuffs Luckily the store just across from the store I came by Yeah It's Machine They sell an Apple stuff blahblahblah And I asked my father to go in there Then my father who actually asked the seller about an ipad2 first before me And I was like yes yes yes yes :p

Then the seller asked what kinda ipad we want I said ipad2 3g+wifi After that my father asked him to talk what the special it has so on Guess what he said ? He said the ipad2 is so not good It's actually for those who loves playing games , facebook blahblahblah And I was like pegh mamat ni aku nak beli ni boleh plak dia ckp gitu And Abah was like Okayy paten takpayah beli lah And I was like ala abah , paten nak ni nak ni banyak lah benda boleh buat dgn benda ni Then Abah cakap takpayah lah abah takde duit Kay Abah tipu depan muka aku=='

Just like 5 metres from the store Abah went to the cell phone store And he asked me to ask the seller about Galaxy S II Then the seller cakap tu cakap ni and Abah asked me , err nak beli tak ek paten ? And I was like aah abah beli lah beli lah dgn muka tak ikhlas ni And Abah pon beli Kay nice nice nice nice Harga ipad2 tu baru rm1899 and harga Galaxy tu rm1799 Beza cume rm100 jew Macam tu dia cakap takde duit ? Panas ni panas panasssssss Lepas dah beli aku tengok bapak aku macam tak sedap hati tgok aku ni ha kann , eh mmg panas gileeee lah Then Abah said Nanti next time abah belikan paten ipad2 tu ea And me ? Just flashed him a wryly smile :/

It doesn't matter lah tak dapat ipad2 hari ni , next time insyallah dapat . Muahahaha :D

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