Kay such a good girl I get fever , bad cough , sore throat Mann it hurts much And you know what I've been sitting on my bed for whole day and for 4 days Sleeping all day My skin was like burning and yes it's hurts Fuck it off shit Like seriously , I shouldn't be like this I should have my night as I already left the school Nvm I have to rest first btw I'll be leaving this city I'll spend my whole holiday in Kuala Lumpur as always

Wee I just can't wait to leave this place So boring you know Well I'm not that shit like ' lupa diri ' Nah everyone will get bored stucking in the same place right ? And so do I :) And I just can't wait to waste my uncle's $$$$$ :p I have many of uncles and aunties there So what are you waiting for right Btw my uncles is having a party for his new house I mean his coolest house Nah nah I will not call it as a house I would like to call it Syed Jamil's Palace :p He's so rich you knowww He had a company for building an aeroplane and the system like a simulator And recently project it costs 74 billion Ooooooo :p And he had 4 sons Someone interested with him ? pm me asap I'll help ya :pp

Kay forget about it , he's so flirting okay :p Kay I'll be leaving this town on Wed or Thur I think I wish asap ._____. You know what I just can't wait to meet my coolest uncle you'd ever met He's so cool you know and he's 26 y/o But he have no any gf yet ever ever and never Idk why I haven't ask him yet Well of course he's not gay for sure ==" He's just so responsible to us And most of his money was wasting for us Especially me and my cousin , anis :p And definitely I can't wait to meet my oldest brother :p He's working in the same company which is my uncle's company Well all my uncles was working in the same company Interesting right ? Well that's part of my family . xx

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