Heyyo ssup people (!) Eh you know what I just feel like over the moon Ooooooo:D Puas hati sangat dapat celebrate my freedom you know Hihi:3 I swear I enjoyed every second after the last paper of SPM With the class party and yesterday I went to Singapore to celebrate my freedom It is good enough for me And now I get fever T___T Nah It doesn't matter lah nak demam ke ape The thing is Im not a school student anymore Wuuuuu :p

But the most excited thing is leaving all the bitches in school Yey ! This is what I really want They're just annoyed me kay bitch ? You got that ? Ahh I'll be missing all of you bitches Lepas ni kau nak stalker aku nak copy aku Heh buat lah Aku tak jumpa korang lagi kay Aku pun yakin korang taknak jumpa aku kan :p Hehehe You know what , you're just too funny for me lah Yeahh I know I know Everybody get jealous of me , kihkihkih Go die kay

And for you you and you Please lah hidup aku bukan dengan kau kay Tapi kalau kau terasa bagus lah yedak ? Eh let me tell ya How hard you're trying to hide from me I'll know kay Dunia ni tak besar mana Kau nak tukar url ke apa ke up to you lah Im not sangap to know how your life lah kay Puihhhh Nak cakap aku dengki tu hamboiii berpada-pada lah kay Kau sape aku nak dengki ? Ohh shit this people are really laughing my ass out :DDD


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