Heyya people (!) Ssup ? Getting worse ? :p Ghadd It's been a long time I haven't post any entry here Guess why ? Okay study hard study smart cousin said muehehehe:3 But actually there're alot of things happened Like seriously It's just em immature stuffs==' Hello Imma teenager lah people Smart teen wouldn't talk about it okay (Y) I am too lazy to discuss about all of that Uools punya hal Settle sendiri kay ? It's so annoying immature and too lame for me =="

Okay forget it So that's me up there^^ Ada macam budak lepasan SPM ? HAHAHA Actually no :3 I haven't done it Haiihhh 1 more to go babeyhh Fighting ! So back to the picture Looks like a cultureshock ? HAHAHAHHA It's so funny lah talking bout cultureshock tuuu puiiih Haa see my left hand I mean my nails :3 It's pink + purplesparkle leopard pwiintttt :DD Yeyeyeye Even though I still have to go to school But like I care No more spotcheck hella Kay this is Phase 1 For Phase 2 is for my right hand pulak :p The reason is because I have to salam cikgu2 hihi Then malas nak jawab cikgu tanya Yedak ? eheee That's it for tonight Pray for me people 1 more left Party Hard .xx

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