Jar Of Hearts


Hello people Well I was thinking Is that cute ? With a little flower ribbon on it and with the words and little love Is that cute ? Nah I knoiww it's cute right ? :DD Well at least Im not a lifeless you know after leaving the school break all the rules :p Okay I made it I made it for my parent And of course my mom love it so much ! Lepas ni abah mesti lembut hati beli ipad cepat sikit Kan bah ? :DD

Okay let it go So this is me Ya I can tell ya I love to make some stuffs like that Because .. Idk It's my passion I think ? I love to create something with papers ribbons buttons And I tell ya I have many of ribbons , colorful papers , stickers and so on on onnnn ==" I think it's like too what eh ? Rumit kot ? Eh remeh lah ? Whatever I do love it

And well I was thinking Im gonna bring all those stuff to KL on this Thurs Takde lah melongok duduk sana berjalan je kan Eh I just too excited to be there And can't wait for the party Hihihi Im sorry pek Well listen to me Im not chasing after the crocodile kay ? Trust me :) Kay that's it I think Btw I also made the same thing in the picture for him :p But in special ways And he loves it , hihihihi Love ya .xoxo

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