Time is running so fast these days My big examination is just around the corner It's getting harder and harder It's stressed me out when the fact is I have a lot of things to catch if I really want a good achievements And it's about leaving my high school I was so excited to leave the school To keep my uniform in closet keeping it without ironing at every morning But that's my past thoughts It's stressed me out each time when my class mates and I completing the work given together, it's getting harder. It's naturally came up I'll be missing every single minutes when we're laughing gossiping Ghaaddd !

We're about leaving school But the thing is we're getting closer and closer And sincerely I will be missing my class mates Especially Marliana Aini Syaza Sahira Ika Aina Dilla and the rest Even thought I'm not a 'biodegradable' person but I swear I love you guys so much Like seriously it's hard for me to leave you guys I remembered that when the first year in 4 Jauhari 2 I was a different person It's hard for me to fit myself in new class with a new friends a new surrounding I was not talking with everyone I didn't like some of them I was doing my own ways But now Guess what ? I feel that I dont want to leave them :(

I swear they are the best class mates ever I'd ever met Tan Ding Chao The only chinese boy in my class and seated beside me We're always have a good talking Good Conversation He always teach me in Mathematics and I was always laughs at him when he asked me to read his karangan We're always fighting Selalu merajuk and I was always punched him when I was angry at him Oh shit I will be missing this And the rest chinese girls Sometime I used to spend time with them Lepaking with them and I was the only malay girl Like seriously Im not proud but yeah Dont you dare say that The Chinese is the arrogant one To me they are like us

And about the boys Guys listen up ! Korang mmg cool la All the boys are crazy More than crazy Without em Dont call us 4 Jauhari 2 Cause we're like together always together We're doing work together Planing on something together almost together Haihh How can we're leaving with all of this guys Can you imagine ? I will be missing you guys like crazy mannn !


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