Life gets annoying !

Eh hello Life gets annoying huh ? I mean my life Fuckin' annoying Eh hello brah Aku tak berlagak and tak prasan bagus ponn--' Actually that's the F-A-C-T# I have my own life Fuckin' perfect life Hello pleaseeee Dont screw it up bitch ! I have amazing family brothers cousins aunties uncles And I dont need you to fuck it all up ! When it comes to family I would never ever touch the other's family Cause I have my own Better then yours !

And 1 more thing Hello EXCUSE ME I beg your pardon And this is the F-A-C-T# Pleaseeee I am not a celebrity Hollywood celebrity or Ustazah pilihan untuk dijadikan Idol HAHAHA It's so funny when there's someone else did copycat about your routine your style your habit even your hairstyles at the same time That's funny ! Eh please lah Kau takde life apa nak copy orang Goddd so annoying kay--' I just can't wait to leave the school leave all the bitches that I was talking about

Ohh the last 1 To Your Majesty Our school queen The prefect one I mean the good one Our school's prefect Hello Excuse meeeeeeee--' Kau jangan kampung sgt blh tak ? ewwwwww Tak penah dengar orang ckp 'EXCUSE ME' eh ? Ha tulah dduk kampung je duduk atas bukit duduk dalam hutan kan So funny kay Jangan taksub sangat dgn excuse me Dekat bandar it's normal kay And takpayah nak menganjing aku Aku blh gelak tau Please lah jangan buang masa Pergi sekolah belajar kay Bukan buat lawak utk hiburkan aku Laugh my fuckin' ass out !

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