Hey ya ssup people ! How's your life ? Getting worse ? XD I'm awesome here^^ I have been down with fever since last Friday and have been shivering with cold at times followed by sweating blahblahblah and today I am getting better weeee:D And I'm ready to shake the world yeahhh !

It's 5 pm and I just finished my late lunch I guess ha ? Yeah this is me The classes started at 7.40 am something Recess at 10.10 and the classes continued Blahblahblah then at 1.50pm recess again do kinda stuff praying filling the noisy tummy and the classes started again till 4.30pm. Is that insane enough huh ? Sometimes it stressed me out But I guess I have to work hard for my SPM ? ==" 14 days left till the big day I mean my everything I wish I could do my best :| Yeah Mai bolehhh ! Fighting !

It's getting harder and tougher I'll be missing my classmates My partner Tan Ding Chao Goshhh ! I just can't believe it Only 14 more days left for us like studying together gossiping laughing together Laughing for Aizat's jokes Laughing for Shahib's behavior and laughing for our awesome teacher Pn Rosni's jokes I mean all of us enjoyed her class The way she teaches is like different with the others :| Im gonna miss you Cikgu Rosni We're all gonna miss you :(

Damn I just can't admit it that we're going to leave the school Well I am excited bout leaving the school hehe but it just I dont how to say It's complicated :( I'm gonna miss my friends I'm gonna miss my teachers My awesome teachers Mrs Sonita Mrs Suhaila Miss Erna These three teachers are much prettier teachers I've ever had My little cute teacher Mrs Aisyah Mrs Raha My english teacher Mrs Haryati My ustazah Miss Muzaimah My biology teacher Miss Latifah My account teacher Mrs Maslin and also My coolest teacher Mrs Rosni Im gonna miss you cikguu:(

I'm gonna miss all of you teachers , friends , classmates , my girls , my enemies , and all the bitches Trust me I'm gonna miss all of you so so much :(

Haih =="

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