(yawn) It's 10am and i just woke up earlier today than before. This is because again the horror voices were calling me I hate when someone turned off the air-conditioner in my room from the main switch I mean my room was like black-out with no reasons Guess what That is my dad's trick to wake me up easily I was like erghhh--' So at 9am just now my mom asked me to take a shower like seriously ? Gila apa mandi pagi2 buta camni She said they're about going to our cousin's wedding huff--'

Serious aku tak suka pegi wedding so thanks alot ahh shit I'm not going anywhere today And this is it I can't sleep over again after woke up early and it sucks ! I have no idea what to do Damn my tummy is so noisy right now:3 Since my parent are going out What to do is ? Partaayyyyyy ! nah I was kidding I will spend my whole day with reading a Physics since I have the papers on Monday heheh Hopefully :3

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