Malaysia Day Celebrations


Jyeaahh Im excited to have a day today A day without woke up early at 6am A day without ironing the uniform and a day without having the mysterious papers ! But today I woke up at 6am ah shitt It caused by the horror voice calling me waking me up from the sweetest dream I had everyday :3 So today my mom asked me to come with her for Malaysia Day Celebrations at Bandar Penawar Stadium Actually today was my mom's day ah cause I'm her driver and her photographer Okay takpe--'

Then when the time is showed everybody get ready to show off their colorful costumes hehe What i love is about the celebration is I get chance to see The Plkn Participants HAHA God I will in their position soon ahh shit like seriously NO ! Shit it stressed me up ! And the next one, I saw my sch mates May Fong Sxi Yen and obviously my insane mate Ding Chao Kurang ajar ni pergi tak bagi tau hihi Then we had a conversation blahblahblah At 10am my mom and I were going home and having a sweet sweet dream bout him Not my mom, me :3

Happy Malaysia Day !

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