Let me clear here I'm upset and disappointed with your recently attitude Like seriously You'd changed a lot and it's annoyed me annoyed us ! But we still gave you a chances to make a conscious effort to change your attitudes and you never realized it Each by each day you were like the little strange one Your attitudes really annoyed us and we started stopped talking to you And I guess that time you knew that we're like trying to get far far from you And pretending not to see you We knew that

The strange thing is why you have to hide from us ? Like didn't want to face us ? You're like running from us ? Why kid ? Your attitudes showed like we're the people who make a mistakes like seriously ? Don't waste your time ! I'm tired to talk about you, about the other annoyed things I'm sorry It's too late You know what it just get on my nerves when I started talking about you and about the evening Seriously I didn't expect and hope to see you and it happened and I think you knew why we're off from that place and we're moving over to another place to eat ? I guess you knew right

And sorry for that I want you to know that I can be the sweetest person to everybody and I can be the suckest person that you'd ever met In my case right know please stay away from me It's too late seriously Stop texting me to have a conversation with me You know what When I got the texts the track ball goes to delete option before the opening option So don't waste your time. Keep wasting your time with your idk idc

Lots of love

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