ssup ! it's 2am and i just get home. baru balik dari clubbing dgn abang makcik umi nenek aku hii. nah we just back from visited my uncle at HSA and my daddy at KPJ :( i wish my uncle and my abah in the pink and i just heard abah said he will has an operation soon godd :( abah please be strong i love you i wish my abah will read this hihi.

so here the latest one. im glad that my blackberry is sick ! hahahaha. jyeahhh i went to sungai rengit fr some blahblahblah then when i turn to the corner i was trying to drift hee then my bb terpelanting from the seat and i was like baby you will be fine i know youu mahal taw aku beli kekeke. then when i get home i was lying down with my abang and started gossiping. as my bro wants so bad to use the blackberry and as i have no one to call no one to text like "b, buat apa?" "ahh i miss you too" "b, nak tau tak tadi paper sejarah peh senang gila" ewwwww like seriously i have no time for that !

so back to the abang. then i told my bro to change our phone jyeahh he's so fanatic with my kiuti bb so i asked him to use my bb today. then i take the bb and i was trying to unlock the bb guess what ? the trackball was not working and i was like peh siai eee jangan buat hal aku sayang kau bodoh and it just the trackball. but it still working as usual when i take off the back cover so there's something wrong with the idk what's the matter i dont really care im not going to die if i have no phone puii.

so my bro was like alaaa takpe lah rosak tu je tkpyh pakai back cover pon tkpe. alah sian. sorry bro that's my bb so i just left it to my uncle at HSA just now cause ikin's friend will come to jb tomorrow and take my bb and pass it to ikin and send it to the store. hihi kesian baby aku pui aku tak kesah lantak lah aku nak ipad hehehe. so to my friends, kalau nak call aku call num rumah je okeh ! insyallah orang lelaki berbadan sasa yang akan jawab hihi. so this is me i have no blackberry i have no one to text to call every single minute which is pheww doesn't matter i have no boyfriend special boyfriend i mean well it doesn't make any sense to me im happy with my life. yeah i guess i am :|

p/s : i love my family, my cousins , my uncles , and especially my friends :* eh esok berbuka reramai dengan kawan2 kite eeee tak sabauuuu :D


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