Assalamualaikum there ! how's your day today ? i love to let people know that my day was pretty awesome. as always they were making my day great :D they are fath fazzira alin and meeee :D so today i went to my friend's house to study math but we were like can't stop blahblahblah xoxo gossip girls ! and one of my girls had a problem with her partner and we're there to give her some advice and make her feel good like seriously i was crying with her cause we're in the same situation like ughh it's okay just let your tears fall fall down to the ground hehe

and oh btw one of my girls just back from Umrah and she bought some ole-ole for us weee. ada tasbih, gelang, cincin and im super excited we got pashmina arghh im lovin' it ! see what im talking about SUPER EXCITED !



ha nampak nampak ? itu diaaa. dia dah mai dahhh hahaha. when i see this photos, i was like eww macam alim bebenor lah kau ni pulak puih--' but seriously im effing love it. thanks fath ! i love it i will wear it when errr nanti lah kite buat potosutt ke nak ? hihi. and tomorrow im schooling--' and im fasting god give me a strength jyeaahhh !


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