ya itu dia. gambar penuh makna. here i tell ya 'bout what happened on this photo. once upon a time....okok back to the photo. me and my classmates planned to make a surprise to our beloved teacher, i mean to celebrate her birthday secretly. and ya tengok tu punya beriye kan siap tiup belon decorate class padahal hari tu hari konsultasi which is my parent and the other come to school to take their child's result, the bad bad bad result, okay that's me ! back to hari konsultasi. then lepas dh tiup belon tu class pon dh berseri dah menyilau cewah, and cikgu lain dtg. it's pretty weird aite, why must her ? where's she, our class teacher ? guess what, the teacher told us that our teacher got mc and OMG WTF ? shitt we got a big surprised haha sob sob sob. after discussing 'bout this nightmare moment, i planned to take the photos and show to our teacher what we had done to make her surprise haha, sadis kan? bapak ye, sebak kami semua :'( so that's the story for today :)


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